The Chapbooks: i'm not english like judi dench
Front Cover
This album from the American Indi-band "The Chapbooks" is quite a gem! The band basically consists of two people, DJ Shosty and Pope Joghurt. Here's (in their own words) what there is to know about them:

"Well, The DJ and The Pope met a couple of years back in high school.... They were on the math team together.... Yeah, I know, but everybody has to start somewhere.... Well, then they joined this group called The Charm Quarks. Yeah, but that didn't really go too far. There were too many of them that could play the piano.... Yeah, weird, huh? But they were all dorky from the math team..."

Back Cover
"Then the DJ and The Pope decided to start their own group. Yeah, they wanted to be like Ace of Base or ABBA, but they couldn't ever find girls to do it with them. So they struck out on their own. And they've been at it for awhile now. The DJ writes most of the words and the Pope comes up with most of the music. The DJ sings and the Pope plays piano. Sometimes they get other people to be on their songs, too. What, you want to be on one of their songs? What do you play? Concertina? No freakin' way!!! Sure, you can be on their CD......."

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When their album was released in 1998 the record company's advert in USA Today (see left) caused quite a scandal. It featured a photo of Richard Nixon and enraged some Republican senators, among them Newt Gingrich who stated that "this kind of music is a sign for the lack of moral values of America's youth today! These so called "artists" such as Marilyn Manson, The Chapbooks and Barry Manilow will be punished by their Maker someday!"

However, two weeks after Gingrich's comment the Chapbooks CDs were released with a sticker on them saying in bold, black letters: "Nude is Good!"