The Paranoids: 2 fat 2 frug - 2 slim 2 swim
This is a true x-file record! "The Paranoids" are a west coast underground band playing innovative guitar pop. Despite leading the Californian Independent charts for a week with their song "Manson and Nixon" the Paranoids cannot be found in any regular record store.

But this doesn't mean that their CDs are not widely available: you can find them on Ebay and at almost every record fair there are four or five dealers offering their CDs. However if questioned where they got them from they just remember having bought them from some other dealer.

Front man of the "Paranoids" is Miles, who had a top ten hit in 1983 under the name of "Sick Dick and the Volkswagens" with their song "I want to kiss your feet" - a catchy but not very inspired tune.

Their second album "2 fat 2 frug - 2 slim 2 swim" contains only eight songs, most of them are over five minutes and thus adding up to 44:36.

Due to the careful and skilled production of Mucho Maas, the album has a coherent and almost experimental sound.

Although I have thoroughly searched catalogs, the internet and record fairs I have not found any other publication of W.A.S.T.E records. There is no internet site and no mail order address. As I said: truly x-file-ish! If you have come across other records by this label please let me know!