Shell: Shell
"Shell" is the New York based band of bestselling author Paul Auster.

Auster founded "Shell" in 1983 and the band has released three albums before they split in 1988. They were never very successful although they became a household name in the NY underground scene in the mid-eighties.

The three members of the band (Paul Auster on bass, Bernd Herzogenrath on keyboards and Manuel DeLanda on drums) create an astounding musical depth and richness. Combined with Herzogenrath's and Auster's great lyrics the concept album offers eleven tracks telling the epic story of an angel trying to recover love's lost language.

To hear what Paul Auster has to say about "Shell" visit the brilliant "Paul Auster - The Definite Website" and listen to "What does Paul Auster sound like":

Detail from the backcover: Auster, Herzogenrath, DeLanda (from left to right).