Various: Stuff Inspired by Suzanne Vega
In 1999 I got the idea to gather "stuff" that was inspired by Suzanne Vega. By the frequent email exchange among many people who value Vega's music I knew that there existed quite a lot of cover songs, stories, essays and paintings.

These have been gathered and compiled on a CD-ROM called "Stuff Inspired by Suzanne Vega": 14 songs, many stories, a comic strip and photographs were combined to a multimedial hypertext.

Participants on this project included Sue Conolly (Japan), Frank Humphreys (USA), Jim N. Web (USA), Uwe Schwagmeier (Germany), Raquel Correia (Portugal), Ray Navarra (Poland), Dennis Thomas (USA), Ian Snape (GB), Fatima Castro-Silva (Portugal), Inga Westerteicher (Germany), David Lamb (Ireland), Andreja Volenec (former Yugoslavia), Albert J. Horst (USA) and Philipp Hofmann (Germany).