The Smiths: Cover
This very rare 12'' EP features two songs taped during the recordings for the last Smith Album. While jamming in the studio the band was playing "Heroes" by David Bowie and "Hejira" by Joni Mitchell. Fortunately John Porter, producer and present in the studio, started the tape machine and captured this rare musical moment.

However Morrissey prevented the recordings from being released. Only 5000 copies were pressed and sold during the last Smiths-Tour.

Obviously the choice of songs has been influenced by the band's musical taste. David Bowie has been an apparent influence and in 1998 Morrissey and Bowie toured Europe together.

According to recent interviews Joni Mitchell has always been a musical mother for Morrissey. ln 1997 he did an interview with Mitchell for the Rolling Stones Magazine (see photo).


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