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[may 8, 2004 - now i'm waking at the crack of dawn to send a little money home]
yes, i know. but there was simply no time! don't even have much time today. just to say that another feedback form has arrived :o) you can click here. i'm living through the days with a constant bad conscience: i should write more. i have a couple of ideas and doing the seminar on cohen really helps. but it's hard to put it into words then. blah! thomas and i have designed a poster for the deleuze conference in july. looks great! we neededa lot of broken glass to make it but this is a long story that i will tell you another time. got to run now. sigh.
[may 25, 2004 - and asked for voices on my side my love would you sing first, would you say he's okay, he's better than the rest, he's innocent in god's eyes and in mine he's the best...]
got a half filled out feedback form. there are a million other reasons to write but. but. but. maybe another time. today the princess said: "i think it's a good sign that you don't keep the journal anymore. it means that you are happy." maybe she's right. i need to write, though. time's running out.
[may 26, 2004 - rockbands died when amateurs won...]
[may 28, 2004 - such a perfect day. feed animals in the zoo...]
x. and i went to the zoo today. the animals were dozing in the sun. we were as well, observing how the elephants were getting a shower. got a mail from cedric:
Subject: "slipping below the waterline"
Date: Fri, 28 May 2004 02:53:11 +0200
From: cedric@xxxxx.com

Dear YOU,

"Could I love you(r) fake (it)"?

Yes - I could ...

Always yours,

as if i had EVEr faked ANYTHING ;o) but believe me: the newspaperclipping is really true! the article appeared the day before yesterday. i checked the log-files and there's not really a noticeable change or an increased traffic on the 200 lurkers site. however i got three requests for cds so far. there's more to reprt about: princess superstar has passed her final exams - with an a! also she has tunred 30 earlier this month. we have finished the poster for the deleuze conference which you can find on thomas' website now.