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if you could spend an entire day with a person of your choice [dead or living] who would it be?
in which band would you like to play?
and what instrument?
if you could chose any name for you what would it be?
your all time favorite line from a song?
are you where you intended to go?
which song do you want to have played at your funeral?
are you with whom you intended to be?
what is the most stupid thing you've ever done?
what's your favorite swear|four letter word|phrase?
what do you feel most sorry for?
'are things getting better or are they getting worse?'
what will be the title of the [next] novel you write?
if you could ask Walter Siegmeister ONE question, what would it be?
do you know me personally? [optional]
would you like to know me personally? [optional]
'now what would you have me do?'
what's your favorite pain?
what's the pain you're in right now [except from answering stupid questions]?
will you come back?
what do you not like about the online journal?
what do you like about the online journal?
the reason why YOU should appear in the online journal:
what was the place farest away from home that you have ever been to?
did you ever try to kill yourself?
do you prefer ordinary or diet coke?
did you ever go on a space walk?
which question did you miss here...
...and how would you have answered it?
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